Why Us?

Process, Technology, Dedication, Commitment & People all rolled into one is who we are. We believe our focus will allow you to make optimum utilization of your time.
  • We assign dedicated account managers who will be handling the account from start to finish. This wipes out any margin of error and communication gaps that may occur every time you speak with a new account manager. We save your time so that you can make use of your time.
  • We offer an end-to-end list of medical billing services from Demographic Entry to Patient Calling.
  • Our aim is to maximize your revenue and optimize the reimbursement cycle and while doing so we will gain more visibility in all the departments of your practice. 
  • Our People, process, and technology will ensure at all times to keep the FTE costs low for our clients thereby guaranteeing increased productivity with high quality at a low cost.
  • Compliance with the requirements of HIPAA is mandatory, hence we ensure that our staff is time and again made aware of the consequences of any security violations.

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    Tangible Benefits to Doctors

    • You get to do what you took an oath to do… tend to patients.
    • You need not make additional hires to do the work and provide them with infrastructure. You get to stay invested in your core business.
    • Your efficiency and accuracy in your core business increases and what decreases are medical coding and billing errors.
    • Flexibility to scale business relationships
    • With zero spending on administrative costs you get assured results before the deadline

    Medisch Solutions have helped me to invest my time into the job I had set out to do. The staff is very efficient and I never had to follow up with them. Always got all done in time.


    Our association with Medisch has really opened our minds to how we can increase our future revenues. I guess it’s true when giving the job to the experts there is nothing to worry about.


    Medisch and the team have never disappointed us. They are thorough and up to date with their work. They keep an eye on regulations and help us as well to stay abreast with the fast-moving healthcare environment.


    We have been associated with Medisch now for over ten years and never have we had to worry about a thing. Their service has always been as they promised… excellent and meticulous.


    What I like about the Medisch staff is that they are in constant touch with the in-house staff and come up to speed when it comes to third-party payers. Time is money and while they do that for others in time, we convert our time to money as well by attending to more patients.


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