Revenue cycle management

At “Medisch Solutions”, we provide medical billing and medical coding services to healthcare providers across the United States. We believe in empowering our clients and giving top-notch service.

Our final goal is to provide an efficient revenue cycle solution to our clients.

We update the patient’s account with current insurance eligibility status after verification of the same and flag any difficulties if so ever to the service provider.

We verify both, patient benefits and out-of-pocket balances in their account prior to the provider providing service.

Checkpoints are created to ensure that all information inserted into the EMR and PMS systems is correct and comprehensive.

Follow-ups are conducted wherever it deems necessary for pre-authorizations with payers to ensure that clients can provide services to patients without fear of non-payment

Our staff of CPC medical coders converts patient data, diagnoses, and procedures into billable codes to ensure optimum reimbursement.

to maximize first-time payments from insurers and in order to minimize denials. We go through a thorough cleaning procedure during the charge posting process.

We customize our method of claim submission based on the requirement of the payer, either by filing the papers online or on paper. And to avoid loss of claims, the insurer’s acknowledgment of receipt of the same is reviewed.

Unless there are clinical disparities, 24 hours is the time taken to revert on any transmission mistakes, whether at the gateway or at the insurance clearinghouse.

If any claims are denied they are revaluated and resubmitted post-correction upon receipt of the EOBs

  • Upon receipt of the EOBs, insurance payments are posted to the patient accounts.
  • Payers who do not have Electronic Remittance (ERA) are provided with insurance payments into the patient’s account matching the corresponding authorized amount for each transaction manually by our team.
  • Bank deposits and total payments in the PMS to determine that all payments received are posted.
  • The remaining out-of-pocket expenses from the primary insurance are billed to the patient’s secondary insurance as per their coordination of benefits.
  • Before generating statements, we double-check that the patient account balance is correct and that they are not being billed for the amount they are not responsible for. And once the statement is generated, all other patient responsibilities stated by the insurance will be billed to the patient. Patient statements are generated on a monthly basis.
Our Accounts Receivable determines the reason for disparities, if any, by evaluating the expected and actual collections and implementing corrective action to make up the difference.
We have in-house staff who specialize in healthcare insurance enrolment and credentialing.

Time is of utmost importance here. More the delay less the chances to recover money. Our team of experts analyzes your old AR and determines the best course of action to bring this money to you.

Every client’s requirements are unique and hence we provide customized performance reports.