We provide medical billing services in the below specialties.

Anesthesia procedure codes begin with zero when the service is rendered by anesthesiologists or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA). Medisch Solutions understands different modifiers used for anesthesia specialists, anesthetists, or CRNAs. Based on the regulations of CMS anesthesia allowable charge will be determined based on the anesthesia conversion factor and modifier submitted claim. Anesthesia Medical billing can be complicated when a group of anesthesiologists and CRNA are working together is the case when line items can be multiple for each of the portions performed.

According to CDC, 1 in every 5 people in the US suffer from chronic pain, the challenge is treating each of these chronic pain keeping in mind the patient’s pre-condition

Pain Management Billing Service is a challenge for physicians as it requires underlying documentation for each precondition and healthcare update. Here is a list of some of the common pain management treatments: Nerve Blocks, Epidural Steroid Injections, Facet Joint Injections, and Radiofrequency Ablations.

Cardiology practice offers a variety of services; when a patient schedules an appointment, there is a range of services that can be offered. The cardiology billing differs based on setting: Hospital, surgery, or doctor’s office. Cardiology Medical Billing and coding differ from other specialists, as many of the invasive treatments do require different modifiers based on the payer.

Medisch Solutions cardiology medical coding and billing strive to provide accurate coding for every setting of provider, we conduct audits of every documentation. Any error in your cardiology billing will lead to denial, reducing the chance of 100 percent reimbursement.

Dental medical billing is different compared to all other specialties’ medical billing. For most specialty-based medical billing we look towards maximizing the reimbursements using documentation and coding but with dental Medisch Solutions looks at patient care and service delivery. Service delivery includes dental services like TMD, implants, oral surgeries, bone grafts, sleep apnea, laser procedures, exams, and radiographs.

Medisch Solutions has a team of coders and billers who have worked extensively with dental practices in the US. With a focus on why the procedure needs to be done, it in cases the dental clinic chances of getting to several underlying problems and even show the reason for patient care. The underlying patient condition will even affect the procedure, hence the diagnosis needs to be supported.

Medisch Solutions is increasingly observing that overlap between medical and dental services, leading to reimbursement being messed up. We have observed over the years, billing patients’ medical benefits plan eases the financial burden on the patients and conserving their annual dental insurance plan. Having single dental insurance is enough if the patient is without any underlying condition affecting their dental health.

Radiology specialty is unique compared to other specialties; it’s usually based on other specialties/physician references along with high upfront cost. While the problems are not unique, radiology billing has been dealing with reducing reimbursement rates and regulatory requirements of insurance companies.
Radiology alone cannot be a specialty because it depends on other referring physicians, its service and the imaging techniques are used for both diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

With the need of prior authorization to continuously upgrade the imaging technology. Medisch Solutions understands the continuously changing scenarios of radiology billing deploying continuous monitoring of regulations and coding updates.

Internal Medicine Physicians are specialists who apply clinical expertise and scientific knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of adults that include health concerns to complicated illnesses. Internal Medicine physicians are called internists, the term was coined after Sir William Osler who is the father of internal medicine in the United States.
Internal Medicine Physicians usually work as consultants on patients’ diagnoses, this makes internal medicine billing complicated compared to other practices billing. These Internists who advise specialty physicians on patient health usually go through the complete process of diagnosis to treatment; hence it becomes imperative to maintain complete documentation of patient health.

Medisch Solutions believes that Prior Authorization and documentation will lead the way for internal medicine billing. Patients underlying conditions must be documented and coding must be uniformly done as it becomes complicated at a later stage.

When we talk about healthcare we talk about patient care, of which patient care is often fulfilled by Physicians themselves. And due to this reason, itself, across specialties and practice areas the US healthcare system has been facing physician shortages. The problem is even more acute for OB-GYN specialty, wherein a shortage of up to 8,800 OB-GYN physicians was projected in 2020 by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Medisch Solutions works with various payers in order to ease the system burden on OB-GYN physicians. The innumerable changes that the OB-GYN practice has gone under are mostly interlinked and often and out of the pocket situations for a patient.
The team believes in communication and an open system of billing where verification of benefits will help cover the various procedures that may be required by the patient in the future.

Wound care billing may look simple, but the documentation for the same gets complex with the changing regulations. Recently at Medisch Solutions, we experienced that the physicians who had used modifier 25 had to face further scrutiny, where more documentation was called in and in some cases, part payments were made as well. Such scrutiny can be taken care of by proper documentation.

Due to constant changes in the billing regulations and with increased costs to support the practice the Podiatry Specialty medical providers face many challenges with constant billing regulations changing and increased costs to support the practice. The regulatory complexities and audits prove time-consuming and often bring fatigue to the physician. The challenge is often in the resources required to deal with the same.

Podiatry billing is not only unique but also a challenge to our medical billing practice as many times the insurance company does not cover the care of foot or ankle as necessary treatment. At Medisch Solutions, we understand the challenges and will help you deal with the same.

Physical Therapy is one of the most avoided concepts in the history of billing. Most physicians were underpaid for this care as Physical therapy was simply considered as helping people and not a treatment.
Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) developed by American Medical Association (AMA) only provides a framework and does not cover some of the physical therapy interventions. For physical medicine and rehabilitation, CPT codes are located in section 9700. However, the physical therapist can bill under any code depending on the state laws. For reimbursement of claims in physical therapy, we have built a comprehensive framework. Which further reduces the denials and avoids appeals. But our channel of communication is kept open with the physician and the payer.

Billing is often considered to be a tedious job and healthcare/patient care is above this all. At Medisch Solutions, we recognize the need for you to focus more on your patients who require more of your quality care than spending your time decoding billing reports. This is true for patients suffering from mental & Substance abuse. Our team will guide you through the various processes to lower your denials, improve cash flow and help you meet all your financial goals. Our substance abuse billing services include coding, charge entry, payments posting, denials handling, accounts receivable follow-up, credentialing, and enrollment.